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Warehousing service at Ninh Thuan

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Warehousing service at Ninh Thuan

  Address: Hiếu Thiện Hamlet, Phước Ninh Village, Thuận Nam District, Ninh Thuận Province

Ninh Thuận is an ideal place for developing clean energy (wind and solar energy), salt production, etc. Moreover, with the dry climate, Ninh Thuan can develop productive plants and specific livestock of high quality all year round. In addition to the vines with stable annual output from 60.000 - 65.000 tons for grape wine production, raisins, etc, some other products such as sugarcanes, apple, fermented pork roll , cattle meat (beef, goat meat, lamb) have high productivity and can be expanded in terms of scale and area to meet the demand for raw materials of processing, producing, exporting, importing industries.
With the purpose to facilitate businesses to invest, develop market, expand their processing, production, import export, solar energy development, in Ninh Thuan province, Tan Nam Chinh Co Ltd has opened a 40.000 m2 factory in Thuan Nam, Ninh Thuan for demand of a factory or premise for service and installation of solar power system.


1. Location: Hiếu Thiện Hamlet, Phước Ninh Village (Opposite to People Committee of Thuận Nam, Ninh Thuận)

  • Within a radius of 300m: National Highway 1A - the main road axis is North-South route, the prime and potential location for many businesses.
  • Within a radius of 500m: People Committee of Thuận Nam District; Medical Center of Thuận Nam District
  • Within a radius of 5-10km: Solar Power Plant in Thuan Nam district, Cà Ná Tourism.
  • Within a radius of 15-25km: Phan Rang City Center, Lâm Đồng, Tháp Chàm Train Station, Cà Ná Residential Area, Phước Dinh Salt Pond , Vĩnh Tân Thermal Plant.
  • Within a radius of 50-70km: Ba Ngòi Port; Cam Ranh Port; Cam Ranh Airport.

2. Scale:
Total area: 40.000m2 including 4 zones:
+Zone A: 3 large workshops with an area of 3,600 m2 (workshop 1); 2,000 m2 (workshop 2) and 2,000 m2 (workshop 3) – used for large-scale industrial processing and production with many environmental friendly service areas.
+ Zone B: Office area and resting area for managers.
+ Zone C: Residential area for workers, canteens, parking lot.
+ Zone D: Parking service or storage for raw materials.
In addition, the roofs of workshop 1, 2, 3 with the area up to 10.000m2 are optimal for the installation and exploitation of solar power.

3. Advantages of the factory:
- A prime and potential location for business: nearby the main road axis - North-South route, National Highway 1A, connecting to convenient locations, saving transportation costs.
- Smart designed factory: clean and cool cement floor, plenty of space to arrange machinery, qualified for storage of goods, especially agricultural products.
- Wide facade: convenient asphalt for trucks, containers travelling to other industrial factories (Phuoc Nam unbaked brick factory).
- Complete infrastructure: factory frame, roof, electric system, internal operation system are designed in accordance with standards and utilities; three phase electricity with low voltage, complete water system, dormitory for workers, parking lot, canteen, office area.
- Complete legal documents: workshop leasing contract and company has legal function of leasing warehouse, workshop.

4. Why should you invest in the factory?
- Swiftness: Available workshops designed and built to meet requirements of every manufacturer, which afford businesses to enter the market quickly.
- Convenience: Companies do not take time for initial investments or waiting for construction permit as the completed workshops enable them to start production right after the workshop hand-over and proceed with their operations.
- Flexibility: in terms of rented time and price
- Efficiency: Optimal use of roof area for the installation and exploitation of solar energy

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