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Tan Nam Chinh : Solutions for Cold Logistics

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With a strong agriculture, Vietnam is proud to achieve an export of 4 billions USD annually for its fruits and vegetables. However, its exporters also face a challenge of having an efficient cold supply chain in order to maintain the right temperature for each kind of fruit/vegetable and ensure a high quality of exported products.
There are two basic types of cold storage in a cold supply chain:
- Cold storage/warehouses with temperature control for products requiring high maintenance
- Transport system including container trucks, reefer containers with special equipment to ensure the right temperature during the entire journey
In reality, fruit and vegetable export companies do not pay attention to centralized inventory. In fact, they have a tendency to spread the inventory across nearby warehouses, which usually cause damage to the fruits and vegetables. Companies therefore should centralize their inventory in a single warehouse to ensure high quality of the products as well as achieve cost-savings.
A good and efficient cold storage system plays a vital role in cold logistics as it contributes to a good planning and ensures good quality of the products. Currently, there are two types of cold storage services in the market: one for own storing purpose and the other for commercial purpose. Major export companies have built their own cold storage system when recognizing its importance. There are also enterprises building cold storage for commercial purpose, with high technology and professional maintenance team. However, without proper planning, the supply of cold storage system still could not meet the demand of export and domestic consumption.
Keeping that in mind, Tan Nam Chinh has planned a long term investment in cold storage system. We have invested in building high quality warehouses in locations close by major farms, to support local fruit and vegetable exporters. We also determined developing a high quality cold storage system is essential to the export strategy in the long run, as product quality, hence company reputation depends a lot on the storing process.

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