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Tan Nam Chinh expands its cold storage system

In 2016, Tan Nam Chinh is going to start work on a modern cold storage with the capacity of 1,000 tons of cargo. The new well-equipped cold storage wins standards for fruit exports, meeting higher requirements of customers. The new investment allows Tan Nam Chinh to increase its cold storage capacity in localities to 4,000 tons of cargo. The new cold storage will be put into operation earlier next year.

Vietnam is recognized as one of the leading exporters of farm produce in term of volume, but modest value. Small production, backward storage technology and unsecured food safety and hygiene mainly cause difficulties for competitiveness as well as export expansion of Vietnamese agricultural products.

Statistics show that Vietnamese agricultural commodities are exported to more than 100 markets in the world. However, due to extremely strict requirements of food safety and hygiene, entry of Vietnamese agricultural exports is limited in some markets. To solve the matters, scientific insiders say the Government should focus on investment in farm produce storage. In other words, farm products are keep fresh in a longer time for usage. Investing in modern cold storage systems, including for transportation, to preserve goods and prevent from damages, is a proper way to help increase the competitiveness of made-in-Vietnam agricultural products.

In the situation, Tan Nam Chinh is one of pioneers in investment into cold storage system. With its combined capacity of 4,000 tons of cargo, the expanded well-equipped cold storage system of Tan Nam Chinh wins standards for fruit exports, meeting stricter requirements of customers. The cold storage system defines company’s mission: “Be a companion of Vietnamese farm produce.” It helps increase the value of Vietnamese farm products in both domestic and international markets, especially dragon fruits that produce year-round, have high nutrition and competitive prices and are favored by Chinese and other markets.






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